Killing is my business

The Skull Beneath the Skin is the third track off of Megadeth's debut album Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!.


 Mean and infectious
 The evil prophets rise
 Dance of the macabre
 As witches streak the sky
 Decadent worship of
 Black magic sorcery
 In the womb of the devils dungeon
 Trapped without a plea
 See thing in agony
 Necrosis is the fate
 Pins sticking through the skin
 The venom now sedates
 Locked in a pillory
 Nowhere to be found
 Screaming for your life
 But no-one hears a sound
 Help me!
 Prepare the patients scalp
 To peel away
 Metal caps his ears
 He'll hear not what we say
 Solid steel visor
 Riveted cross his eyes
 Iron staples close his jaws
 So no one hears his cries
 The skull beneath the skin
 The skull beneath
 Now you're drawn and quartered
 Your bones will make the "x"
 Symbol stands for poison
 And it's chained to your head
 And as we fold your arms
 To make the holy cross
 We cross the crucifix
 Religion has been lost
 The skull beneath the skin
 The skull beneath the skin