Released August 31, 1999
Recorded January – April 1999 - Nashville, TN
Length 50:21
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Label Capitol
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Risk is the eighth studio album by American heavy metal band Megadeth released in 1999. Risk is the last original Megadeth release to feature long time Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman, who announced his departure from the group in March 2000.[1] This album is the first Megadeth recording with drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.

The title stems from a comment by Lars Ulrich from Metallica, who suggested to Dave Mustaine that he take more "risks" with his music [2]. This decision resulted in mixed reviews for both the band and the album; a good portion did not favor the new sound and image, while other praised the band for attempting something different and experimenting rather than sticking to their roots. Risk went gold in 1999 as stated on Megadeth's web site.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Insomnia
  2. Prince of Darkness (song)
  3. Enter the Arena (song)
  4. Crush 'Em
  5. Breadline (song)
  6. The Doctor Is Calling (song)
  7. I'll Be There (song)
  8. Wanderlust (song)
  9. Ecstasy (song)
  10. Seven (song)
  11. Time: The Beginning (song)
  12. Time: The End (song)


  • The cover for the remaster was noticeably different from the original, showing a drawing of Megadeth's mascot Vic Rattlehead on the mousetrap. It also pictures a scene from the music video for "Insomnia".
  • Singles and music videos were made for "Insomnia", "Crush 'Em", and "Breadline".
  • "Crush 'Em" was also featured in Jean-Claude Van Damme's 1999 movie Universal Soldier: The Return. Mustaine described "Crush 'em" as Megadeth's Arena Sports Anthem. The song was used as an entrance song by professional wrestler Bill Goldberg of World Championship Wrestling fame, who also starred in Universal Soldier: The Return. "Crush 'em" also can be frequently heard in ice hockey arenas, and the Tom Leykis radio show regularly uses snippets of "Crush 'em" in between segments. Drummer Jimmy DeGrasso has claimed to vehemently hate the song.
  • Dave Mustaine has stated that "I'll Be There" was inspired by the devotion of Argentine fans. The song was played live only in Argentina and Chile. In the October 9, 2005 show in Buenos Aires, Mustaine said, "'I'll Be There' is a gift for you, because we will not play this song ever again." This is featured on the CD/DVD That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires.


  • Produced by Dann Huff; Co-produced by Dave Mustaine
  • Mixed and engineered by Jeff Balding with Mark Hagen
  • Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Remix and Remaster
  • Produced by Dave Mustaine
  • Mixed by Ralph Patlan and Dave Mustaine
  • Engineered by Ralph Patlan with Lance Dean
  • Edited by Lance Dean, Scott "Sarge" Harrison, and Keith Schreiber with Bo Caldwell
  • Mastered by Tom Baker



Year Chart Position
1999 The Billboard 200 16


Year Single Chart Position
1999 "Crush 'Em" Mainstream Rock Tracks 6
"Breadline" Mainstream Rock Tracks 6
"Insomnia" Mainstream Rock Tracks 26

"Breadline" Edit

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"Breadline" is a single by the heavy metal band Megadeth off their album Risk. The remix single was released only in Japan.

While not necessarily a ballad, the song is a standout of Megadeth's discography in that it features a considerably lighter melody than most of their work. Its lyrics describe a poor man with no money or possessions to call his own (although the line "sniffing up the white lines" suggests he has access to cocaine). A music video was produced for "Breadline" but does not appear on the DVD Arsenal of Megadeth.

The Breadline EP was not released in America, though it does turn up occasionally in stores that stock imports. The EP is also available on the iTunes store. It features the radio edit of the song plus five remixes. This is not to be confused with the American single release of Breadline, which only contains the radio edit and the studio album version of the song (and therefore, none of the rare remixes) although the cover art is identical aside from the wording.

Marty Friedman (who co-wrote the song with Dave Mustaine) covers the song on his album Future Addict. It is considerably heavier than the original.

Track listingEdit



  1. Author unknown. "Megadeth Swaps Guitarists In Mid-Tour". January 10, 2000


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