"Public Enemy No. 1" is the second track off of Megadeth's thirteen album Th1rt3en. The song is about being on the run after escaping from jail and winning every stand-off with authorities, earning the repetition as public enemy number one.


    Public enemy number one
    Jail break and a smoking gun
    You won't believe the things I've done
    And the killing is just for fun
    Public enemy number one
    A stolen car and I'm on the run
    Through the night till the rising sun
    And the trouble has just begun
    Roses on your grave
    I'll be on my way
    There's no time to stay
    With the enemies I've made
    I'm invincible
    You might say despicable
    Punishment's reciprocal
    Public enemy number one
    I'm unbeatable
    My mind is untreatable
    Crimes unrepeatable
    Public enemy number one
    Public enemy number one
    Watch the authorities come undone
    With every stand-off that I've won
    Flirting death just for fun
    Public enemy number one
    Born a fugitive father's son
    Another heist of a bank is done
    And the trouble has just begun
    The posters say I'm wanted "Dead or Dead"
    Anyone who's tried got a bullet to the head
    Public Enemy [repeated 4x]