1,320 (song)13 (song)44 Minutes (song)
Al PitrelliAmerikhastan (song)Architecture of Aggression (song)
Ashes in Your Mouth (song)Bite the Hand (song)Black Swan (song)
Blessed Are the Dead (song)Bodies (song)Breakpoint (song)
Burnt Ice (song)Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth YearsCaptive Honour (song)
Chris AdlerChris BroderickChris Poland
Chuck BehlerCountdown To Extinction LiveCountdown to Extinction (album)
Countdown to Extinction (song)Crown of Worms (song)Cryptic Writings (album)
Dave MustaineDavid EllefsonDawn Patrol (song)
Deadly Nightshade (song)Dialectic Chaos (song)Dijon Carruthers
Dystopia (album)EndgameEndgame (album)
Endgame (song)Exposure of a DreamFast Lane (song)
Five Magics (song)Foreclosure of a Dream (song)Gar Samuelson
Gears of War (song)Glen DroverGo to Hell (song)
Guns, Drugs, & Money (song)Hangar 18 (song)Head Crusher (song)
Heavy metal musicHidden TreasuresHigh Speed Dirt (song)
History of Megadeth LineupsHoly Wars... The Punishment Due (song)How the Story Ends (song)
Infobox artistJames LoMenzoJames MacDonough
Jay ReynoldsJeff YoungJimmy DeGrasso
Kiko LoureiroKilling Is My Business... and Business Is Good! (album)Last Rites (demo)
Lee RauschLucretia (song)Main Page
Marty FriedmanMechanixMegadeth
Mike AlbertMillennium of the Blind (song)Never Dead (song)
Never Walk Alone... A Call to Arms (song)New World Order (song)Nick Menza
Out on the Tiles (song)Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? (album)Play for Blood (song)
Poison Was the Cure (song)Psychotron (song)Public Enemy No. 1 (song)
RiskRisk (album)Rude Awakening
Rust In Peace LiveRust in Peace... Polaris (song)Rust in Peace (album)
Rusted PiecesShawn DroverSkin o' My Teeth (song)
Sleepwalker (song)So Far, So Good... So What! (album)Sudden Death (song)
Super Collider (album)Sweating Bullets (song)Symphony of Destruction (song)
Take No Prisoners (song)That One Night: Live In Buenos AiresThe Hardest Part of Letting Go... Sealed With a Kiss (song)
The Right to Go Insane (song)The System Has Failed (album)The World Needs a Hero (album)
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'Thirteen (album)This Day We Fight! (song)
This Was My Life (song)Tornado of Souls (song)United Abominations
United Abominations (album)United Abominations (song)Vic Rattlehead
Washington Is Next! (song)We the People (song)Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) (song)
Wrecker (song)You're Dead (song)Youthanasia (album)
À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)
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