Hangar 18 is a single from Rust in Peace. The lyrics are about taking aliens from a crashed ship on Earth to Hangar 18, where they are experimented on and frozen, then shipped to Area 51.

The Song structure is a verse, chorus, solo, verse, chorus, and then many solos for the rest of the song. Mustaine and Friedman alternate playing solos for a majority of this song.


    Welcome to our fortress tall
    Take some time to show you around
    Impossible to break these walls
    For you see the steel is much too strong
    Computer banks to rule the world
    Instruments to sight the stars
    Possibly I've seen too much
    Hangar 18 I know too much.
    Foreign life forms inventory
    Suspended State of cryogenics
    Selective amnesia's the story
    Believed foretold but who'd suspect
    The military intelligence
    Two words combined that can't make sense
    Possibly I've seen too much
    Hangar 18 I know too much.

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