"Crown of Worms" is a bonus track on the remastered version of the album Countdown to Extinction, following the standard closing track "Ashes in Your Mouth". This song is about pushing a person to the breaking point trying to find the soul inside.


    I am the author, dream up your pain
    Drink as did Bacchus, rebel just like Cain
    Lord of the city, I shall remain
    All pandemonium, I shall reign
    Sit in my fortress, up on my hill
    Drinking the wine, 'til I've had my fill
    Building up high, my castle walls
    Oh, to veil my splendid fall
    I present you, I present to you,
    I present you this crown of worms
    Surrounding myself with mystery
    Drawn curtains heavy of my history
    Exquisite I am, perfect unity
    On my left hand is false majesty
    I feign affection, refute the true story
    Dispute with creation, the lie is my glory
    I care for no one, my gospel is death
    For me the light's gone, only darkness is left
    I present you, I present to you,
    I present you this crown of worms
    As black in deed, as cold as stone
    A commandment of one, as proud as gold
    As neglected in spirit, as time is old
    As legion is numbers, as legend is told
    I am alone, with the agony of truth
    My power of will, my judgement and chain
    My end is knowledge and conscience of guilt,
    My final confusion hidden from me till I'm done

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