"Breakpoint" is a bonus track on the Japanese version of the album Countdown to Extinction, following the standard closing track "Ashes in Your Mouth". This song is about pushing a person to the breaking point trying to find the soul inside.


    Make up the rules for me to live by
    Rules you break and just let it slide
    You try and find you inside of me
    Be as great as you want me to be
    Hypocrite, the word that fits
    Do as you say
    Not as you do
    You're pushing me to a breakpoint
    Pushing me, push, push me to a breakpoint
    Self esteem you seem to lack
    Point the finger
    There's three pointing back
    Control's the illusion with all good intent
    Bad times are contagious
    You laugh and infect
    Criticist, the word that fits
    Put me down to lift you up
    You're pushing me to a breakpoint
    Pushing me, push, push me to a breakpoint
    Watching pain is your only pleasure
    Sick fascination for someone's disaster
    Self suffering since you were born
    Mess with the bull and you'll get the horn
    Misery, the word that fits
    Can't seem to smile 'till someone's sad
    You're pushing me to a breakpoint...
    You're pushing me, push, push me
    Push, push, push me to a breakpoint
    In my opinions as a professional I recommend
    We straight-jacket the son-of-a-bitch
    Lock him in a rubber room
    Sedate him, heavily
    And when he wakes up,
    If he wakes up, we'll see
    If he can be a nice boy
    Well... I don't know... It's gonna hurt me
    More that it's gonna hurt him
    Let's do it!
    You push me to a breakpoint, breakpoint
    Push me to a breakpoint, breakpoint
    Don't push me, you piece of shit!

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