"Bodies" is the sixth track of the Megadeth album Endgame. This one is about being too tired of waiting to die.


    This thing called "Life" goes by so quickly
    On day you're here and then you're gone
    This is the moment I've lived my whole life for
    And I'll never give up; I've waited too long
    I've waited, waited too long, I've waited too long
    And all along the road, all the bodies left behind
    May all have been good friends; just not good friends of mine
    I've been kicked out and said I quit
    Then I said, "I had enough" and "This is it"
    All I wanted was just one more show for the road
    Cause it was over last time before I could blink, I could blink
    I've waited, waited too long, I've waited too long
    Their bodies left behind

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